Collects and threshes 2 windrow of 2 rows of peanuts. The threshing cylinder concave allows the pods to pass while retaining the chaff that is thrown out of the machine at the end of the cylinder.

The vibrating sieve eliminates the dust and small impurities while the pods are transported to the rear of the machine.

The suction turbine aspirates all the light impurities that still arrive with the peanuts, before the pods are transported to the hopper.

The axial flow system enables smooth threshing in diverse humidity conditions. It enables the earliest start in the fields and the latest finish, increasing the machines working day, without losing quality in the product collected.

Only 2 points for regulation: The position of the beating pins and the air flow of the cleaning system. This means operational simplicity and lower maintenance costs.

Working capacity between 8 and 10 ha/day, according to the farm productivity and working conditions.


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