Social Responsibility
Throughout its history, Colombo has built upon the practice of ethical values, seeking professionalism in the workplace and contributing effectively to the sustainable development of the community in which it is located. Therefore, Colombo has an ethical and lasting relationship with customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, governments, companies and third party organizations, aiming to improve competitiveness, social development and respect for the environment.

Colombo develops social programs and partners with social organizations, aiming to strengthen society by practicing social responsibility. Defending the rights of children and adolescents, Colombo contributes to the Pindorama city Guardian Council and actively participates in the project Futuro da Cidadão (Citizen of the Future) of the City of Catanduva. Colombo also incentivizes the work and the professional growth of students by hiring interns and supporting academic projects. It also hires people with disabilities & learning difficulties, helping to promote their inclusion in the labor market.

In support of an honest and dignified life, Colombo contributes monthly to the Pindorama city asylum and contributes to hospitals and institutions that shelter underprivileged children.
Photo of an academic project: Fatec University
Photo of students visiting the
“Jovem aprendiz rural” -
(Young rural apprentice) program, by the Catanduva city Rural union.

Sustainability Guidelines

INDÚSTRIAS REUNIDAS COLOMBO LTDA fulfills its role as a responsible company regarding the environment by seeking to improve its processes, and by complying with environmental legislation. Having an efficient waste management program allows the company to conduct business in an environmentally sustainable manor, ensuring available resources and a quality environment for present and future generations.

We conduct environmental management and education in all areas of the company. This is accomplished by constant improvement in the pursuit of excellence, and is considered to be a top business priority.
Waste Management Center
Waste Management Center
Solid Waste

In 2011, INDÚSTRIAS COLOMBO built the CGR - Central de Gerenciamento de Resíduos (Waste Management Center) in order to comply with legislation and to ensure the safe and responsible management of waste. This structure, together with environmental management, has contributed to all waste that is produced in the units being identified, separated, packaged and safely stored until it reaches its final destination. This practice has enabled the search for sustainability to bring improvements to the company, such as employee safety, environmental protection and pride in contributing to the solution of environmental problems.


INDÚSTRIAS COLOMBO meets the diverse guidelines and objectives of the PNRS (Política Nacional de Resíduos Sólidos - National Solid Waste Policy), managing to efficiently collect and allocate a destination for recycling all solid excess. Ferrous scraps and non-ferrous scraps, plastics, and cardboard are a few examples of ways in which solid excess is identified and separated. It is also able to recycle all the cast iron chips generated from machining processes. The machined material is separated by type in the factory units, and then it is sent for briquetting where the granulated material is compacted in a press, turning it into a briquette. All processed material is sent to the induction furnaces and then melted to produce new parts, thus generating savings for the company and contributing to the preservation of the environment.
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