History of Industrias Reunidas Colombo
Originally from Italy, the Colombo family came to the rural city of Pindorama in 1959, in the northwest region of the São Paulo state, where they started work in the peanut and bean industries. In the early 1970’s, because they were dedicated to crop harvesting which was performed manually, the Colombo brothers aimed to develop a machine to carry out the process faster and with greater productivity. In 1973, they became pioneers with the development and creation of a small stationary machine for family use.

As time passed, the brothers improved the design which increased productivity in harvesting crops.

Convinced that the system really worked, neighbors became interested in acquiring the machine and it was then that the family began to manufacture and sell its machines. As such, in 1973 the company was officially created as MIAC - Maquinas e Implementos Agricolas Colombo Ltda (Colombo Agricultural Machines and Implements Ltd.), formed by a partnership between the Colombo brothers.

In less than 10 years, MIAC become the Brazilian market leader in the production of harvesters for peanuts and beans. The products offered diversity and provided productivity in harvesting crops, which resulted in the rapid growth and success of the venture.

It was in the 80’s that the industry history gained new perspectives. In 1982, in order to diversify the family activities, they started the company AEMCO - Aparelhos Eletro Mecânicos Colombo (Colombo Electro Mechanical Appliances), initially dedicated to producing electrical parts for welding. In 1983, they identified a strong demand for agricultural drive shafts, so they began developing drive shafts for MIAC machines and other agricultural machinery factories. To supply the demand of universal cross joints for drive shafts, the Colombo brothers founded COTRAME - Colombo Transformações de Metais (Metal Transformations), which eventually became known as the ‘go-to’ expert for universal cross joints in the Brazilian market.

In 1988 the Colombo brothers created FUCOL – Fundição Colombo (Colombo Foundry) to supply the demand of cast components for MIAC, AEMCO and also the growing agricultural machinery market. The initiative not only increased production but also enhanced the quality control standard for each part of the machinery and drive shafts. Having its own foundry, MIAC and AEMCO gained greater productivity and security to meet increasingly shorter deadlines required by the market.

In the early 90’s, the growth of the businesses demanded an administrative redesign that culminated in the creation of "Indústrias Reunidas Colombo Ltda” (Colombo United Industries Ltd.), incorporating the Miac, Aemco, Cotrame and Fucol companies, centralizing and increasing the administrative professionalism. The production units were kept independent, as well as the brands that were very strong in the market.

In the year 2000, exporting, which began in 1997, reached a turnover of 25%. Argentina, a major importer of Colombo equipment, contributed significantly to this increased turnover thus generating the opportunity to open a unit for commercial support, technical support and parts in the Cordoba Province. In 2005, Colombo Argentina opened.

The same process happened in the North American market in 2006, and as such, Colombo North America was created in the state of Georgia, expanding the company in the international market.

Currently, Colombo is diversifying its product range in all of its production units. Miac, apart from its complete line of peanut and bean harvesting machinery, started to produce models for harvesting Arabica and Robusta coffee, and has started the development of machines for harvesting cassava. AEMCO produces Brazil's largest line of agricultural drive shafts and 5 years ago it began developing and commercializing transmission boxes. COTRAME, in addition to its agricultural and automotive universal cross joints, began to manufacture hydraulic cylinders for various applications.

Today, the Directors and employees of Indústrias Reunidas Colombo, a company that operates in the agricultural machinery and components segment through its different brands and companies, are proud of the work that has been developed over the company’s 40 year history. The components that make the company strong are work that is based on ethics, respect, and commitment to their customers and suppliers, and a partnership with the farmer.
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